What do you need for an unforgettable vacation? A great place, good company, favorable weather, and not least, appropriate planning.

Place and Period

Choosing the place and period are probably among the first steps. Depending on the trip participants, before you hit the road it is recommended to select a location that everyone will enjoy, and can choose from several favorite leisure activities there. Once decided on the place, we can inform ourselves about what time of the year it’s worth to go there, when is the peak season – usually at this time we can visit many sights, and local people are prepared to provide complete services for tourists.

The Route

Route planning is just as important, we can choose the best route, and even search the map for places to rest. When choosing the route, most often, tourists make the decision to go through the shortest distance, but sometimes it pays to inform us in advance if there are sights near the route – a few small detours can bring a splash of color to the journey.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to know whether there are any closed road sections on the route, and for safety it is recommended to have a GPS device, even when choosing a known route.

Necessary Things

When packing our bags, it pays to be careful and not forget the necessary documents – each time we should have the most important ones, such as the identity card, health insurance, and if we travel by car, then the documents belonging to it as well. If you need to cross the border of a country to reach your destination, do not forget your passport, and if necessary, find out in advance where and what types of tolls you will be obliged to pay – this way inconveniences can be avoided, resulting in a hassle free journey.

In case we wouldn’t like to have too much luggage, we can try to pack only the essentials. We can look up where is the largest shopping center as close as possible to the destination, and then supplement food and drinking water from there. If we prepare for trekking, we shouldn’t forget to take with us suitable hiking boots, a raincoat, and dress in a layered style, choosing durable clothes when possible.

It is advisable to have a small emergency kit, if along the trip we will need an analgesic, an anti-inflammatory pill, or a band-aid, we would have it at hand. If you suffer from a chronic illness, don’t forget to take your medication, and possibly set reminders for when to take them – so that you wouldn’t forget this important detail during the trip.


Booking accommodation can be made ​​before setting off, and in most cases on some websites you will find information about what other guests had to say, who have stayed at the selected hotel or guesthouse. Perhaps you can find accommodation even when getting there, but if you wouldn’t like to leave it to chance, and you’re travelling in peak season, it is recommended to make reservations in advance (in this case don’t forget to bring the booking proof or payment receipt).

All there’s left to do is to wish you a safe trip, and hope you will have an unforgettable vacation you’d like to repeat in the coming years as well!