Terms and Conditions of Use of the site TransylvaniaTourist.com

  1. General Conditions
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Using content from TransylvaniaTourist.com
  4. Processing of Personal Data
  5. Electronic Newsletters
  6. Transactions
  7. Registration, Passwords and Responsibilities
  8. Change in the Contents or Conditions of Use
  9. Force Majeure
  10. Various
  11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


1. General Conditions

Please study this document carefully before you start using this website or its services.

( I) Continued use of this website or its services is equivalent to an explicit confirmation of the acceptance of ALL of this document.

TransylvaniaTourist.com reserves the right to modify this document at any time and in any way. Those amendments will come into force from the moment that will be introduced in this paper. For this reason, we invite you to periodically reread this document. If, at any time you wish not to accept fully the provisions of this document, you can no longer use this website. Any use of this website or its services will be considered an acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.

( II) This website can be accessed publicly at http://www.transylvaniatourist.com, referred to in this document “TransylvaniaTourist.com” is a product of the Kheprix SRL. (hereinafter referred to in this document “Kheprix”). All rights to copy, reproduction, and distribution in any form are reserved and belong to Kheprix, in accordance with the legislation in force in Romania.

(III) The content from “TransylvaniaTourist.com” and its publications do not necessarily represent an official view of institutions, organizations and individuals who provided the information presented on “TransylvaniaTourist.com”.

(IV ) The team behind “TransylvaniaTourist.com” makes every effort to provide accurate information about permanent partners and their services taken from authorized sources whenever possible.

(V) Kheprix and “TransylvaniaTourist.com” can not be held responsible for how a user uses the website in any way information contained in this website. “TransylvaniaTourist.com” and Kheprix will not be liable in any circumstances for any damage, caused directly or indirectly, incurred as a result of use or interruption of use of the information and services provided by “TransylvaniaTourist.com”. Kheprix and “TransylvaniaTourist.com” can not guarantee that the information systems or software used to display or transmit information to / from “TransylvaniaTourist.com” or any other form does not contain viruses or other destructive code sequences or other destructive properties, because these systems and software are not made ​​by / under the control of Kheprix or “TransylvaniaTourist.com”.

(VI) Each user of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” agrees that , upon request Kheprix , to exempt from liability ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and Kheprix for any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover legal fees and any other expenses that may occur as a result of breach by user or clauses of this document.

2. Intellectual property

By using this website you acknowledge that ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and all services and products offered or marketed through ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” have been developed , compiled , prepared , tested , selected and arranged by KHEPRIX by using methodologies that involve consumption substantial effort, time and money and that they constitute intellectual property of KHEPRIX (if applicable) .

The content and design ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and any other material related to ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” sent by e -mail or delivered in any other way (for example, guides , articles, design and any other material ) belong KHEPRIX and collaborators (where this is expressly stated ) and are protected by intellectual property laws . Except as expressly stated herein , you may not copy, use or reproduction of content and design ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” without holding a prior written permission in this regard from KHEPRIX. It is forbidden in any circumstances use the name ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or any derivation or KHEPRIX referring to the name ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or KHEPRIX without the prior written approval of KHEPRIX .

Any person or company can contact ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and can convey ideas , suggestions or materials of any kind , within the legal regulations in force. By sending any information or material to ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or KHEPRIX , fully recognize the right KHEPRIX permanently and irrevocably to modify and use such information or materials in any manner deemed useful or necessary , including to develop and commercialize new products or services based on this information. Acknowledge that you have no right to ask for any form of consideration for such information or documents. For all such information and material , explicitly guarantees that ( a) you own or control all rights under the law allow you to send information or documents , ( b) the information or documents are true , ( c ) the use of these information or documents does not violate the provisions of this document and does not affect other people. KHEPRIX and ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” assumes no liability concerning such information or materials.

3. Using content from ” TransylvaniaTourist.com “

It is forbidden to use ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and the products and services offered or sold through ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” in ways or to achieve goals contrary to the legal provisions in force and the provisions of this document.

Each user of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” agreed not to use , transfer or distribute any of the information presented by “TransylvaniaTourist.com” in a manner that could be competition for ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” .

You may not copy , reproduce, recompile , decompile , distribute, publish , display, modification, creation of components or complete products or services derived , and any way exploit the ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” except display on the screen of a personal computer and printing or downloading , for personal and noncommercial use of certain documents or information expressly designated for this purpose , provided keeping unchanged all items referring to intellectual property rights , other proprietary rights and conditions of use of the documents or information .

Content ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” can be viewed only for personal use of the website user , devoid of commercial intent . The right to use ” TransylvaniaTourist.com “:

a) individual ( only belong to the user who accesses ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and can not be transmitted in any way to another person ) and non-exclusive .

b ) allows obtaining some materials made ​​by KHEPRIX and ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and published by ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” in the form of printed documents or other forms set KHEPRIX and ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” . It prohibited any form of commercialization of such material.

c ) not reproduce, modify or display as well as participating in the transfer, duplication , or sale of materials produced by reproducing , modifying or publishing in any form, in whole or in part , the content ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” . KHEPRIX unless I grant a beneficiary nominated in writing in certain circumstances expressly provided , an explicit right to do so. To claim such a right , KHEPRIX contact using the information displayed in the contact page . Redistribution or disclosure is prohibited and documents submitted in the ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or as ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” KHEPRIX without prior written consent , regardless of the tools through which the distribution is made (radio, television , newspapers , networks computer display in other websites) . It is forbidden to use ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and information provided through or creating a database.

It is forbidden to use ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and information provided through or to improve the quality of other information sold or provided by a user of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” to third parties . It is forbidden to use the name ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and names KHEPRIX and services offered through ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” in any way that falsely creates the impression that there is a direct connection between the person using such name or names and owners , administrators or employees KHEPRIX or ” TransylvaniaTourist.com “. Any other condition not specified in this document require prior consultation and agreement KHEPRIX . Natural or legal persons responsible where the provisions of this document will support the legislation in force in Romania.

4. Processing of personal data

According to Law no . 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, modified and supplemented and the Law. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector , regarding this site, KHEPRIX is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal data that you provide about yourself or a another person. Purpose of collecting data is supplying internet services.

You agree to provide some of these data (shown explicitly in certain pages of the site) and you optionally to provide additional information (indicated in certain pages of the site) , all this information is necessary for the provision of Internet. Refusal to provide the information required by you determine where you unable to access services mandatory information that was requested.

The registered information is intended for use by the operator and are communicated only to the following recipients: employees , company profile ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and certain employees of KHEPRIX dealing provision and maintenance of infrastructure related internet services offered on this site and certain categories of users of internet services, depending on the conditions of use of each service.

According to Law no . 677/2001, you have the right to access, the data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions and the right to go to court . Also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and request deletion. To exercise these rights, you may submit a written, dated and signed, to KHEPRIX via the contact form . If some of your data is incorrect , please let us know as soon as possible.

5. Electronic newsletters

” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” can send parts of its content through newsletters sent via electronic mail (e- mail). Using information provided through newsletters will be made in accordance with this document. The procedure to subscribe to newsletters of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” explicit acceptance equates KHEPRIX law and / or its direct marketing operators to maintain , process and use the information provided when subscribing under Law 677/2001.

By subscribing to newsletters of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” you agree to be included in the database of KHEPRIX and receive occasional promotional information via e -mail or post . Members enrolled in the database certify that they know their rights under the Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

KHEPRIX may have information about you , provided by you through registration form . This information may include , among other things, name, address, phone numbers, etc.

Your information can only be used for trading purposes and promoting the services and / or products ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and KHEPRIX , such as processing your request , providing products and / or services; billing , settlement of claims questions or complaints made ​​by you , contacting you (including by post , e- mail or telephone) in connection with the offer of products and services ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and KHEPRIX , recording information about your allocation or offer rewards reductions and / or other benefits.

6. Transactions

” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” may be used by some of its business partners as the basis for selling or promoting products and services. In this situation, the contract will govern the relationship between buyer and supplier of products and services that will not involve ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and KHEPRIX.

7. Registration , Passwords and Responsibilities

As part of the registration process necessary to obtain access to certain portions of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” , the user has to choose a set of access information ( username and password ). For this purpose, some information needed for registration, information that must be true , complete and correct. Username and password must not already been chosen by another user ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and not be deemed offensive or inappropriate by KHEPRIX . KHEPRIX may refuse to allow access if some of the information provided in the registration process can not be verified.

Access this information confidential . The user who received this information after subscribing is committed to protecting their privacy and do not communicate to any other person . This user is entirely responsible for the use and activities through the account or user.

Each set of access information ( username and password ) allows access to ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” by a single user . It is forbidden to use public access to information. ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” does not allow multiple users access a network or computer (LAN ) to the content. In the event that such situations are detected, KHEPRIX reserves the right to cancel or suspend access to such information provided access without the possibility of returning monies that remained unused in the paid subscription. We recommend not to reveal to anyone accessing information . ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and will never ask KHEPRIX not access information in messages or phone calls.

We advise not to disclose this information people will demand it . Whenever you can , use the “Exit” button and close the browser window the Internet (browser ) when you do not want to view the contents ” TransylvaniaTourist.com “.

In case of failure of accessing information ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” ( unable to access the website, lack of access to certain services included in the user ‘s subscription , etc.) , The subscriber must notify as soon as ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or KHEPRIX that will communicate as soon as possible when they identified the problem will be solved.

When accessing data loss , this situation must be informed by ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or KHEPRIX by a formal notification sent by recorded delivery post to the address mentioned in the contact page. Later than the end of the next business day after the day of receipt by KHEPRIX , will be made ​​a new set of accessing information will be sent via registered mail with return receipt to the subscriber.

Unfortunately , no data transmission through suitable Internet can be guaranteed to be absolutely secure. Consequently, despite the efforts of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and KHEPRIX to protect information provided by subscribers , can not be insured or guaranteed total security of information transmitted to subscribers ‘ TransylvaniaTourist.com ” to and from online services and products available in ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” . Please keep in mind that any information sent to us will be the user ‘s own risk.

8. Changes in the contents or conditions of use

KHEPRIX reserves the right to modify, add , or delete portions of the contents suspend ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or change the technical specifications on using ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” at any time. Also KHEPRIX reserves the right to restrict , temporarily or permanently , the user access to part or the entire contents of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com “.

This document may be changed at any time without notice to users’ TransylvaniaTourist.com “. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions of Use can be accessed in the document published this page .

9. Force Majeure

“TransylvaniaTourist.com” is a non -stop active service (24 hours a day, 7 days a week ) . ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” may suffer temporary interruptions of operation in order to carry out maintenance activities.

KHEPRIX can not be held responsible for any errors or delays in the content provided by the ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” appeared in publications or by direct connection to ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” if the delay or error resulting directly or indirectly from causes depend on the will or KHEPRIX . This exemption includes but is not limited to: technical malfunction of equipment used by KHEPRIX , malfunction or stop servers that is posted ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” lack of functioning Internet connection and viruses , unauthorized access to systems ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” operational errors , strike etc.

10 . Various

Check the information in ” TransylvaniaTourist.com”

KHEPRIX continuously strives to provide updated and correct. In case of any errors of this nature , users are invited to notify a representative of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” that will check as soon as possible and will work situation signaled any necessary corrections . For this purpose, please use the contact page.

Terms distinct services

Some services offered by ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” subject to different terms and conditions which will be displayed for each such service in a visible place can be studied before using the service.

In particular, we recommend you read the Terms and Conditions for use of information service provided by ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” at http://www.TransylvaniaTourist.com/terms-conditions/.

Advertising in ” TransylvaniaTourist.com “

Inside content ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” may be included in the advertising section that will display advertisements of third persons. KHEPRIX is not responsible in any degree for the contents of advertisements. Also KHEPRIX is not responsible for the content of websites to which reference is made in the content ” TransylvaniaTourist.com “.


Any formal notification to ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” or KHEPRIX must be sent in writing via mail or fax to the address or fax number listed on our contact page.

Any other way to contact informal in nature and will be considered as general information purposes only.

11 . Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The rights and obligations set forth herein for ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” and KHEPRIX , on the one hand , and each user of ” TransylvaniaTourist.com ” on the other side , and all the legal effects which it produces this document shall be construed and governed by Romanian law in force.

Any dispute which concerns the rights and obligations set forth herein shall be brought for settlement before Romanian courts . If one or more provisions of this document are proven not comply with the provisions in force or that may not be fully implemented , they will be applied to the maximum extent possible , and all other provisions of this document shall remain in force.