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Transylvania Tourist is a travel guide for those who want to discover the hidden treasures of Transylvania, and be up to date with the most important cultural events organized in this area. We present detailed information about the different sights, cultural events and spectacular places for hiking in nature. In Transylvania we have incredibly beautiful places that foreign tourists have learned to appreciate more than we do, and we would like to promote these precious treasures.

Besides the basic information you will find useful tips and recommendations on routes, accommodation, dining venues, and shops in the area – because we all know how important these little details are each time we go on a trip in order to really enjoy the journey.

In Transylvania there are plenty of fascinating sights, and besides the beauties of nature, the region has a unique culture with interesting traditions and customs. To learn more about the area, we built this website so that you could easily find what really interests you, whether it is a cultural event held annually, or simply you’re about to plan a vacation and want to choose a suitable location for having unforgettable moments with family and friends.

We invite you to read informative articles here at Transylvania Tourist, to learn more about the places to visit, and view photos that will help you get an idea about the area or location, or the place where a certain cultural event will be held.